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Creatures of Habit 3 – Fall Line Films (1993)


Stomping Grounds-Mack Dawg Production (1996)


Decade-Transworld Snowboarding (1998)


SIMPLE PLEASURES – Mack Dawg Productions (1997)



Vertical Addiction’s Anthem (snowboard movie, 1993)



US OPEN / Part 1


Beginning of Snowboarding in Czechoslovakia



Burton Snowboards / Oldschool Promo Film


Burton Snowboards / Chill 1989



Riders: Craig Kelly, Mike Jacoby, Keith Wallace, Jeff Brushie, Peter Bauer, Jean Nerva, Tara Eberhard, Ashild Loftus, Alpen Badgett, Jake Burton


Snowboarders In Exile & Old Skool Snowboard Films 1990

For all those boarders who watched this flick a 100 times or more….This groundbreaking snowboard film inspired and mobilised a generation of people to quit the 9 to 5, pick up a snowboard and head to the mountains for the season. I was one of them. Damian Sanders, Steve Graham, Dave Seoane and Chris Roach dropping cliffs and just tearing it up! Snowboarders In Exile was possibly FLF’s best film and a great story about 3 friends and the people they rode with. Exile was followed by Critical Condition which was more of the same but with new riders like Mike Ranquet, Nick Perata, Noah Salasnek and Shawn Farmer. Riders on the Storm came next and this is where the real progression of the sport begins with riders like Mike Ranquet, Terje Haakonsen, Jeff Brushie, Chris Roach, Dave Hatchett and Jon Cardiel killing it with new tricks, big cliffs and late spins. Project 6 followed which showed FLF moving in a new direction with Mid Season flicks such as Roadkill and RPM wowing us and progressing our riding and style while giving us the new skool riders like Jamie Lynn and Jason Brown. Fall Line Films, now FLF gave us the revolution we didnt know we needed, but we all came along for the ride. As old skool snowboarders FLF we salute you.

Fall Line Films  /  Critical Condition  1991

A Movie By Gerald Dugan & Arthur Krehbiel Additional Cinematography By Mike Hatchett Narration By Carl Dugan Presented By Snowboarder Magazine, Vuarnet France, Avanlanche Snowboards, Sessions, Thruster, Bamboo Curtain Soundtrack By Triple X Records Starring Snowboarders Damian Sanders, Shawn Farmer, Mike Hatchett, Dave Hatchett, Mike Ranquet, Noah Salasnek, Dave Seoane, Steve Graham, Chris Roach, Nick Perata, Tucker Fransen, Shawn Palmer, Starring Damian Sanders, Shawn Farmer, Dave Seoane, Mike Ranquet, Steve Graham, Nick Perata, Chris Roach, Noah Salasnek, Dave Hatchett, Tucker Fransen, Craig Kelly. What’s not to love about this classic? Damian Sanders flowing monster airs in a turqoise ski suit, Farmer rapping about dropping cliffs, Roach and Mike getting kicked out of Japan, Nick Perata grinding rocks with his forehead…and the list goes on and on.

Fall Line Films /  Riders on the Storm 1992


Movie Description:Once again, winter brings together our group of friends to snowboard around the globe and toss in their opinions on current events such as the fall of western civilization and the deteriorating environment. More than just a movie about snowboarding, Riders on the Storm is 60 minutes of visual and audible ecstasy; a road trip from hell that you wouldn’t trade the world for. The most pleasurable torture you’ll ever have to put yourself through, Riders on the Storm is uncensored, unassailable and unquestionably the best thing we’ve ever seen.

Subject Haakonsen / Volcom 1996

The conclusion to Volcom Stone’s „Subject Haakonsen“, by Richard Woolcott and Troy Eckert in 1996. Starring Terje Haakonsen. „Rumble in Brighton“ by The Brian Setzer Orchestra. Haakonsen is one of the most influential snowboarders of all time and was one of the sport’s early icons. Collaborative on-line editing and color correction by Brian Denny at Master Communication.

Some other goods

Snowboard Legends on the Lift History of Snowboarding 1/3 History of Snowboarding 2/3 History of Snowboarding 2/3

Powder & Rails: R.P.M. by Fall Line Films

Powder & Rails and Burton are proud to present Season 3’s classic powder: R.P.M by Fall Line Films The emerging California snowboard park scene has a big presence in this video. SoCal guys like Bryan Iguchi and Dave Downing handle business at Bear Mountain’s “Outlaw Park”. In Iguchi’s part, we’re pretty sure he does the first ever-filmed backside 1080. Meanwhile, Grass Valley locals like Chris Roach, Aaron Vincent, and Noah Salasnek get “Jibassic” at NorCal’s Boreal. Then Jamie Lynn joins them and The Boreal segment becomes one of the coolest things ever documented in a snowboard video.