Tom Burt

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Grew up in Lake Tahoe skiing since 1968 Started snowboarding in 1982, became professional in 1985 Became a teacher of Mathematics and Physics in 1986 at Sparks High, Nevada. Quit teaching to continue as a Professional Snowboarder in 1987. Design work with snowboard boots, boards, bindings, and clothing since 1886. Still Snowboard and design professionally today. Known around the world for Snowboarding the Steeps. Tom Burt is one of the premier big-mountain snowboarders. A Tahoe local by birth, when he is not out there riding the incredible mountain ranges of the world, he can be found ripping it up at Alpine Meadows (where he has earned the title of Snowboard Ambassador). Because of his vast experience and his easy, straightforward manner, his presence is always a comforting reassurance when the limit is being pushed. So he is a welcome member on any crew. He makes everybody feel balanced. Near the end of my visit, I caught up with him heading back from the Helipad. by Dan Milner

Tom Burt’s 2010 Legend Award Speech.

The North Face Masters

LOWDOWN Riding since 1982, Tom Burt knows how to hold his own. In 1989, Tom Burt received Rider of the Year honors from International Snowboard Magazine, a publication that touted itself as „The First Mag, the Last Word.“ The founder and publisher of snowboarding’s first print medium, Tom Hsieh, immortalized Burt with these words: „ISM would like to honor a snowboarder who, in our opinion, embodies the true spirit of snowboarding. One who will, through his actions, leave a positive and lasting impression.“ Tom has been around for way too long and has contributed immensely to snowboarding and we are honored to have him as the head judge on The North Face Masters tour.

“Start at the top, end at the bottom. Flow all the way through with energy and excitement without a lot of traversing or stalling. You want people to go “Wow, someone just rode that mountain really well.” – Tom Burt

Tom Burt interview

Powder and Rails Tom Burt 1

Powder and Rails Tom Burt 2