Jake Burton Carpenter

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Jake Burton Carpenter (born April 29, 1954 in New York City), also known as Jake Burton, is an American snowboarder and founder of Burton Snowboards. He grew up in Cedarhurst, New York.

The founder and owner of the world’s leading snowboarding company, Jake Burton’s name is synonymous with snowboarding. Jake’s influence on the sport of snowboarding is unrivaled. Since 1977, his company has supported the best riders in the world and created snowboarding gear that sets the standards for the rest of the industry. This season, Jake is embarking on a new adventure. He and his family plan to follow winter around the globe for ten months, snowboarding on six continents and testing plenty of Burton products along the way.


Burton realized he needed to convince ski resorts to let snowboarders on their slopes in order to grow his business. His major break came when Stratton Mountain Resort agreed to allow snowboarders on its slopes. With sales increasing, Burton and his future wife Donna flew to Europe to find a ski factor to produce his snowboards. „The dollar was incredibly strong at the time, so it was very cheap to get stuff made over there,“ Burton said, referring to Austria. In 1983, Burton held the first National Snowboarding Championships at Snow Valley, Vermont, an event that would eventually come to be known as the U.S. Open.

Jake Burton Carpenter has truly brought the sport of snowboarding to a world class level. Burton Snowboards eventually expanded into European and Japanese markets. The company is headquartered in Burlington, Vermont with international offices in Innsbruck, Austria and Saitama, Japan, and more than thirty other countries, it is a choice of brand for millions around the world. The industry of Burton Snowboards not only manufacturers boards but bindings, boots, and apparel for the everyday or beginning snowboarder. It’s hard to believe how successful Burton Snowboards is by pulling in over 700 million dollars annually, when starting out with 20,000 dollars. Jake has a prime mission to open snowboarding at every mountain resort, but even as snowboarding reaches resorts worldwide, Burton continues to focus on the sport first.

And today, at 45, with Burton distributing goods to more than 30 countries and 3000 specialty shops and factories in Vermont, Austria and Japan, Jake still manages to speak for a world of snowboarders (most more than half his age). Although all of these things hold true, when you talk to Jake you soon realize that’s not what it’s all about.

Jake is often considered the „inventor“ of snowboarding. He is however always quick to acknowledge that he is just one of many individuals who have taken the sport from its humble, grassroots beginnings to its superstar status of today.

„Some people in the industry sort of look back and say, ‚Oh, the good old days,‘ but you know, it kind of sucked in a lot of ways…“

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