Terry Kidwell

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Terry Kidwell aka ‘The Father of Freestyle’ was a pioneer
and more than responsible for bringing skate style to snowboarding.

He was there when the first snow halfpipe session went down in the Tahoe city pipe – basically a couple one hitters in the city dump. He was the first snowboarder to have a promodel just years earlier and the board was the first to have a round tail – all others being swallow tails.

From Jay Irwin

Kidwell started riding in 1977. At a time when snowboarding was not widely accepted in big resorts, Kidwell was one of the first among the pioneers of snowboarding who have been kicking in powder at resorts like the the Donner Ski Ranch, allowing snowboarderslike him to develop their raw talent. Kidwell claims to be the brain child of snowboard progression with a skateboard style, unlike a typical surf style technique. He has four halfpipe world championships credited in his name, one of which is the World Championship he won in 1987 in Livigno, Italy. Kidwell was the world champ for four years, from 1984 to 1987, conquering the scene back in the days. At that time, championships meant winning shirts and a couple hundred dollars compared to the hefty amounts up for grabs today. Kidwell was a guy who clearly showed that he was out there to have fun and make it a lifestyle, not to make money out of it.

Aside from riding in his favorite places like Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows, Mt. Baker, Jackson Hole, Northstar and Sierra at Tahoe, Kidwell also stars in a few video credits, including Snow Shredders and This Is Snowboarding. He is also the guitarist of the famous snowboard band Hunk of Metal, together with another pro shredder, Shawn Farmer. He also has a pro model collectible in his name, from Stepchild Snowboards.

Names like Kidwell are among the pioneers of the sport that people enjoy today. He, together with other pros in his time, should never be forgotten given their contributions to the snowboarding sport and lifestyle.

Stepchild snowboards gave TK a promodel in 2008 which used the graphics from this original board as inspiration. Twenty odd years between pro models is not a bad effort!

by Dano Pendygrasse

Long Board Classic

Two epic events took place last week-end: the LongBoard Classic in Stuben, Austria and the Fluo Flash Fun in Les Diablerets, Switzerland.
The LBC is a well established event that celebrated it’s 10th anniversary this year. It’s a great get together of legends that are at the foundation of snowboarding such as Shaun Farmer, Chuck Barfoot,  Terry Kidwell, but also of hundreds of passionate riders who come to celebrate snowboarding the old-school way with a bonzai race.

At the opposite, the Fluo Flash Fun is an insane end of season event that brings together a bunch of happy shredders from the Suisse Romande region, who wear neon proudly, are stoked on riding their older brothers or parents monoskis and old-school snowboards, and have a blast stomping suitcases and cross-rockets on a tiny kicker!
Two events and two ways to celebrate snowboarding the best way possible!
Have a look at the LBC pics and the FFF pics. You’ll cry for missing out this time around and will make sure to attend either one of them next winter!


Numerous snowboard legends have applied for the  10th anniversary: Chuck Barfoot, owner of the correspondent snow-surf- and skate firm and one of the 4 founding fathers of snowboarding.  Terry Kidwell, the „Godfather of Freestyle“, 4 times Freestyle World Champion and all-time Sims team rider as well as  Shawn Farmer, the freerider who showed us in the late 80ies what it is like being a local in Alaska. Terry and Shawn are also going to get the crowd rocking with their band „Hunk of Metal“, which is probably the most legendary snowboard band in the world: Terry Kidwell (guitar), Shawn Farmer (vocals), Bob Klein (drums), Scotty Milburn (bass), Jeff Hackett (lead guitar & vocals). But that’s not all: It will be the ultimate class reunion! Three generations of snowboard heroes from the fields industry, riders and media will celebrate ten years of Longboard Classic together!


In 2007 SNOWBOARDER Magazine declared that “Kidwell may not have been the first to do an air on a snowboard but he was the first to do it right.” Trevar Cushing and his VBS web series are back for another season and the first episode showcases the uncontested father of freestyle snowboarding Terry Kidwell. From the Wine Rock freefall on a swallowtail to Reagan era overhead McTwists to numerous world titles. Without Kidwell there would be no Shaun White. Fact. Class is now in session. Tardiness or absences won’t be excused. Sit back, push play, and take notes.


Shawn Farmer  & Terry Kidwell interview http://vimeo.com/12614000

Powder & Rails


Signal’s Every Third Thursday With Terry Kidwell

Every Third Thursday – Terry Kidwell

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Terry Kidwell Riding at Mt. Hood from Snowboarder Magazine on Vimeo.