Hand plants

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Many of the finer ski resorts or snowboarding parks have special ramps and half-pipes built so that snowboarders can get really crazy with their tricks and not bother the other straight skiers. Special spots for tricks also make room for an audience. Handplant are done inside a half-pipe. The snowboarders leans over and puts one hand on the lip of the wall to turn himself around. A handplant can be done backwards with the rear hand, frontward with the front hand or lying back with the rear hand placed in front of the body.


Invert Overlaying term for handstands on the edge of a halfpipeHandplant A 180° degree handplant in which the rear hand is planted on the lip of the wall and the rotation is frontside.Sad plant An invert with a sad grab (melon grab).Elguerial An invert where the halfpipe wall is approached fakie, the rear hand is planted, a 360 degree backside rotation is made, and the rider lands going forward. Named after Eddie Elguera.Eggplant A one-handed 180° invert in which the front hand is planted on the lip of the wall and the rotation is backside.Eggflip An eggplant where the rider chooses to flip over in order to re-enter the pipe instead or rotating 180 degrees. This trick is performed forward to fakie or switch (fakie to forward).McEgg An invert where the rider plants the front hand on the wall, rotated 540 degrees in a backside direction and lands riding forward.Andrecht A rear handed backside handplant with a front-handed grab.Miller flip A 360° frontside handplant to fakie.Layback A non-inverted handplant in which the leading hand is planted during a slide. The rider literally lays back, hence the name.The lamp A invert but both hands are plantet at the top of the halfpipe.Killer Stand You make an invert but you also take your back/rear hand on front hand’s elbow.Fresh invert (front hand) but back flip is boned- no grab

Kelly and Jacoby handplants

Haakonsen handplant