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Todd Richards

This entry was posted on Zář 01 2011

Todd Richards is a snowboarder from Paxton, Massachusetts. In the 1997–98 season, he won five out of the seven halfpipe competitions he entered. Todd pioneered the snowboard trick „the wet cat.“ He won a Silver Medal in 1997 at the Snowboard Halfpipe World Championships at Heavenly Mountain Resort. He was a member of the 1998 US Olympic Halfpipe Team. He also published an autobiography, P3: Parks, Pipes, and Powder in 2003. He started his own snowboard company called O-Matic with Tara Dakides and Andreas Wiig in the 2006-2007 season. He produces a series of webisodes entitled Todcasts for Quiksilver as well as a frequent announcer at snowboard events such as the Winter X Games. He is the subject of a documentary entitled „Me, Myself and I“ released in 2009.

Brandt Todd Richards is a legend, straight up. He’s a pioneer, a business owner, a ripping shredder, and he’s one of the gnarliest “would you rather” players in the game. Todd’s been toting board bags around the world as a pillar of the snowboarding community for going on two decades now, and it’s just as fun to him now as it was those twenty years ago. Looking back to his days as a wee lad, Todd claims that he was “destined for lamesness”. Thankfully time has since proved him wrong, as Todd is one of the best shredders and most un-lame people snowboarding has ever known. These days you can find Todd rolling heavily modified Audi’s around Encinitas in and out of the Omatic headquarters, tucking into the green room at the local Richard’s Reef, outshining kids on the Northstar jump line, and tucked away in his basement playing video games that his kids don’t even know dad has.

Chris Wellhausen Photo

Todd’s Breckenridge Home

Me, Myself and I

Interview with Todd:


Transworld cover 1993

P: Jon Foster

In 1513, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León went looking for the Fountain of Youth, but the poor sot landed in Florida. Almost 500 years later, Todd Richards, a ‘godfather’ of snowboarding and Encinitas resident, has discovered that great secret which eluded Ponce de León and keeps plastic surgeons in business. Nearing his 40th birthday, Richards has an ambiguously ageless face and a wiry, strong frame. He keeps up with kids less than half his age on the slopes, in the water and on vert ramps. He owns a snowboard manufacturing company in Encinitas called O-Matic, along with partners Jason Kanes and Tara Dakides. Richards is also a commentator for ESPN. Last year, he probably logged as many air miles as P-Diddy. He has a wife, two kids and a second home in Breckenridge, Colorado. http://www.encinitasmag.com/

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