Jeff Brushie

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From the humble slopes of Bolton Valley, Vermont, to the halfpipe world champion, Jeff Brushie was one of the first snowboard superstars.

With his unmistakable „boned out“ technique(and dreadlocks), Brushie paved the way for a lot of the style that we see today. His first pro model, the 1993 Brushie 157 (the trout board), is one of the most legendary pro models Burton has ever done.

Photo by Dano Pendygrasse

The video above is a montage from some of Jeff’s riding in „Chill,“ „Scream of Consciousness,“ „Upping the Ante,“ and „Hollywood“- all pretty awesome. The interview below is one that we did with Jeff about a year ago- also all pretty awesome, so yea, have a read.—jeff-brushie/

Brushie 1993 „the trout board“

Speaking of Metal, here is Jeff Brushie again. I was talking to him in Tahoe and he is always a nice dude. I asked what he was up to and he laughed and said nothing, he is a house dad. For thos of you too young to know, Jeff Brushie was like top 5 in the 90’s and stuff. He was the man for sure. He said he bought two houses with the money he made back in the day and stays home with his kids in Pacific Beach, CA. He also shoots some poker photos with Rob Gracie (an old snowboard photog) in Vegas for money. He also judges contests too from time to time. Anyway, if you ask me the snowboard industry should just have a retiremunt fund for dudes like Brushie becasue they gave so much to the sport.

Event info from George Crosland

Photo by Dano Pendygrasse

Photo by Dano Pendygrasse

Photo by Dano Pendygrasse

Jeff Brushie interview