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It’s a rare and beautiful thing when you can take two of your greatest joys in life and combine them to make a living. That’s exactly what professional snowboarder turned professional filmmaker Dave Seoane has managed to do.

Dave Seoane is a professional snowboarder, but he found no matter how much he loved snowboarding, doing the same thing over and over will lead to burn out. Filmmaking was his other passion, and since the development of extreme sports has gone hand in hand with films about them, this was a natural transition for Dave, who founded Cinemaseoane Inc.

Snowboarding is a modern and extreme sport, so it makes sense that this sport would go hand in hand with „intense“ films and modern media. A great example of commercialism being used to expand the sport comes from a famous film by Dave Seoane known as „The White Album.“

„The White Album“ by Seoane contains great video of professional riders who are often sponsored by companies. This film is about Shaun White, and not only including cameos of well known extreme athletes (like Tony Hawk). This movie was openly sponsored by Burton Snowboards, Mountain Dew, and Burton Snowboards.Since the beginning, snowboarding films have been used not only to attract new fans, but to show the changing of styles and trends from the sport itself. This is why it made sense to have men like Dave Seoane: professional snowboarders who were also pro filmmakers. Who better than a snowboarder to capture the highs and lows of the sport?

Cinemaseoane has been wildly successful because of Dave Seoane’s love for the sports he is covering. In addition to this, he has close personal contacts throughout the snowboarding world because of his status as a professional athlete. Between his experience and the friendships, few people have a better insight into the world of snowboarding than Dave Seoane, and few have been able to capture this world through video so effectively.


by Bud Fawcett – Sugarbowl, CA 1991

Dave Seoane is a solid dude and it can be argued that he is one of the most influential people who has ever slid sideways down a slope. Sure The Garden launched a thousand roadtrips and Subjekt Haakansen will never be matched in the shred biopic realm but his impact is much greater than the sum of two seasons worth of Hi-8 reel. What makes Seoane’s reach so immeasurable is the fact that he has influenced the influencers. Scores of filmmakers have drawn from his cannon and then gone on to create masterworks themselves. Crazy. In part 1 Dave talks about his early years in front of the lens. And in part two he talks about his transition to the other side of the camera.


Dave Seoane interview http://www.spatziba.com/snowboard/dave_seoane_1291

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