Damian Sanders

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Tom Burt and Damian Sanders were two of the original founding fathers of snowboarding.

While Damian’s freestyle flare and movie debuts drove mainstream acceptance and explosive growth, Tom (and Jim and Bonnie Zellars) fathered the backcountry movement in early media. Damian was FLF Films early poster boy and starred in their earliest snowboard movies which further fueled snowboarding’s popularity into the early nineties. Together, the four were sponsored by Chris and Bev Sanders/Avalanche Snowboards of South Lake Tahoe.

Earl Zeller, Damian Sanders, Brandy Sanders,
Chris Sanders. Photo: Beverly Sanders. Copyright 2011 Earl Zeller all
rights reserved.

Damian Sanders interview http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=7933018334&topic=7657

Powder & Rails

Text taken from http://budfawcett.com/?p=304

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