Burton boards

This entry was posted on Úno 16 2011

This same year, Jake Burton Carpenter finished up school in New York and moved to Vermont to start making snowboards out of his garage. When he was a kid, he had been a big fan of the Snurfer, which he said he had been modifying since high school. In 1977, he founded Burton Boards, his own snowboarding company which is still successful today.

Burton first snurfers

Burton Backyard 1983

Photo: Ilicitsnowboarding.com

Burton PowderGun 1983

Photo: Minimig

Burton Performer 1984

Photo: Josh

Burton Cruizer 1985

Burton Elite 1987

Photo: JB

Burton Hoody

Burton Safari 1989

Burton Safari Comp II / 1989

Burton Mystery Air 1989

Burton Air 1991

Burton Free 6 1990

Burton Mystery Air 1991 / Craig Kelly

Burton Mystery Air 1991 / Craig Kelly Pro II

Burton Asym Air 1992

Burton Air 1992 / 2.1, 5.1, 6.1

Burton  Kelly Air 1992 / Craig Kelly

First non-production Burton twin 1993

Burton Jeff Brushie 1993

Burton Air 1993

Burton Air Asym 1993


Burton Kelly Air 1994

Burton Haakon Air 1994


Burton Iguchi 1995

Burton Brushie 1995

Burton THE 152 / Designed by Terje Haakonsen 1995

Burton Twin 1995

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