The sport was growing in many directions. The US Open remained a focal point that the riders and the media could count on each year to showcase certain aspects of the progression. The third week in March is a time, deep in the season, where many riders are at their peak and have winning runs and their equipment dialed.
Not only was the entire North American riding community showing up – but a strong lineup of European and Scandinavian riders could be counted on to compete for the podiums as well. Tina Basich from Utah drops in and leads a USA sweep of the Women’s Pipe. Tina remains a large part of the snowboarding industry and her appearances at the Open helped send the message – Women can rip with style and have fun.


Long after double corks fall out of flavor, and hard ways dont seem so hard anymore, one trick will still reign supreme as the most awesome trick ever. If the name of this post didn’t give away already, we are talking about methods. Methods are the ultimate trick in so many ways- their style transcends trends in snowboarding. Its fabled that ancient philosophers used to have a saying like „there are two things that are forever- diamonds and good methods.“ From the grasser to the suitcase, the method is like measuring stick for a riders style.

Hand plants

Many of the finer ski resorts or snowboarding parks have special ramps and half-pipes built so that snowboarders can get really crazy with their tricks and not bother the other straight skiers. Special spots for tricks also make room for an audience. Handplant are done inside a half-pipe. The snowboarders leans over and puts one hand on the lip of the wall to turn himself around. A handplant can be done backwards with the rear hand, frontward with the front hand or lying back with the rear hand placed in front of the body.

TRANSWORLD SNOWboarding covers 1987-1998

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Jake Burton Carpenter

The founder and owner of the world’s leading snowboarding company, Jake Burton’s name is synonymous with snowboarding.

Dave Seoane

It’s a rare and beautiful thing when you can take two of your greatest joys in life and combine them to make a living. That’s exactly what professional snowboarder turned professional filmmaker Dave Seoane has managed to do.

Tom Burt

Grew up in Lake Tahoe skiing since 1968 Started snowboarding in 1982, became professional in 1985 Became a teacher of Mathematics and Physics in 1986 at Sparks High, Nevada. Quit teaching to continue as a Professional Snowboarder in 1987. Design work with snowboards, boots, bindings, and clothing since 1886. Still Snowboard and design professionally today. Known around the world for Snowboarding the Steeps.