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The sport was growing in many directions. The US Open remained a focal point that the riders and the media could count on each year to showcase certain aspects of the progression. The third week in March is a time, deep in the season, where many riders are at their peak and have winning runs and their equipment dialed.

Not only was the entire North American riding community showing up – but a strong lineup of European and Scandinavian riders could be counted on to compete for the podiums as well. Tina Basich from Utah drops in and leads a USA sweep of the Women’s Pipe. Tina remains a large part of the snowboarding industry and her appearances at the Open helped send the message – Women can rip with style and have fun.

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http://www.utahsnowboardmuseum.com/ The „Utah Snowboard Museum“ is the world’s largest collection of vintage snowboards, housing over 1,000 vintage snowboards and skateboards. The goal of the Utah Snowboard Museum is to document and preserve the early history of snowboarding and its crossover sports. http://burton.com/ http://burton.kontain.com/ For an in depth look at the history of snowboarding and Burton […]

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Winterstick boards

The Winterstick story began in the late ’60s when Winterstick founder Dimitrije Milovich met up with New Jersey surfboard shaper, Wayne Stoveken. Stoveken, whom Milovich believes to be the first snowboarder, had started making snow-surfboard designs, and he showed Milovich a few construction ideas. Inspired by Stoveken’s designs and also by the now-famous surf film Five Summer Stories, Milovich started making his own snowboards. In 1972, Milovich dropped out of college and moved to Utah to work full time on developing his new designs in the Wasatch backcountry. Later that year, he patented the first modern snowboard, the Swallowtail.

Kemper boards

„Enjoy the performance of a true board. Designed to take the rough and the smooth rides, a Kemper Snowboard will get you through no matter what the conditions are. Are you getting excited? Then get off of the couch, strap on your boots and hop into a Kemper Snowboard for the ride of your life. This is your greatest chance to be your best on a Kemper Snowboard.“

Kemper Snowboards 1991

Avalanche boards

Avalanche snowboards have been around since the early 1980s, well before most of the general population had even heard of snowboarding. Avalanche Snowboard has been right there as part of the snowboarding culture since the beginning, and take pride in continuing to make boards that help snowboarders step it up!

Barfoot boards

Chuck Barfoot, started making snowboards out of Sims’ garage in 1977. Apparently Barfoot was the one who actually made the snowboards at that point, and he also worked with Bob Webber. Bob Webber came up with something called „The Yellow Banana“. Barfoot apparently tweaked it a bit and came up with „The Flying Yellow Banana“. It’s sold under the Sims name as the „Skiboard“.

Sims boards

1997, Sims borrowed from skateboarding technology to create his own version of the snowboard. Sims snowboards came from an idea he had in shop class when to glued carpet to the top of a piece of wood and aluminum sheeting to the bottom of the board.

Burton boards

This same year, Jake Burton Carpenter finished up school in New York and moved to Vermont to start making snowboards out of his garage. When he was a kid, he had been a big fan of the Snurfer, which he said he had been modifying since high school. In 1977, he founded Burton Boards, his own snowboarding company which is still successful today.

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