The sport was growing in many directions. The US Open remained a focal point that the riders and the media could count on each year to showcase certain aspects of the progression. The third week in March is a time, deep in the season, where many riders are at their peak and have winning runs and their equipment dialed.

Not only was the entire North American riding community showing up – but a strong lineup of European and Scandinavian riders could be counted on to compete for the podiums as well. Tina Basich from Utah drops in and leads a USA sweep of the Women’s Pipe. Tina remains a large part of the snowboarding industry and her appearances at the Open helped send the message – Women can rip with style and have fun.



Lamar boards


The brand was conceived in 1989 in founder Bert LaMar’s garage. Bert was a skater who dropped into the scene in the early 70’s dominating skate contests against now legends of the industry. Snowboarding legend Tom Sims noticed the young ripper and offered him a spot on his team. The youngest shredder to ever have a signature board, Bert went on to win three straight World Cup Events and the overall World Cup Halfpipe title.



Jim Rippey


From his illustrious snowboard career to base jumping anything in sight, Jim Rippey’s highlight reel is one you should not miss.



Tom Sims 1950-2012


What’s a show about snowboarding and it’s history without Tom Sims? I’ll tell you what it is, bullshit and that’s why we’re proud to tell you about this episode featuring the man, the myth, and the legend, Tom Sims. We take you from Tom’s first board all the way to the battle of Burton vs. Sims. It’s the story of snowboarding, growing up.



Todd Richards


Brandt Todd Richards is a legend, straight up. He’s a pioneer, a business owner, a ripping shredder, and he’s one of the gnarliest “would you rather” players in the game. Todd’s been toting board bags around the world as a pillar of the snowboarding community for going on two decades now, and it’s just as fun to him now as it was those twenty years ago. Looking back to his days as a wee lad, Todd claims that he was “destined for lamesness”. Thankfully time has since proved him wrong, as Todd is one of the best shredders and most un-lame people snowboarding has ever known. These days you can find Todd rolling heavily modified Audi’s around Encinitas in and out of the Omatic headquarters, tucking into the green room at the local Richard’s Reef, outshining kids on the Northstar jump line, and tucked away in his basement playing video games that his kids don’t even know dad has.

Mike Ranquet


Pioneer pro rider and all-around badass Mike Ranquet will receive TransWorld SNOWboarding’s Legend Award at the 12th Annual Riders’ Poll Awards Show, joining the ranks of snowboarding’s most influential people. As one of the early pros from the Pacific Northwest, Ranquet’s Mt. Baker-bred, skate-style shredding captured the look and feel of snowboarding’s rapid evolution. Under the tutelage of legend (and former Legend Award winner) Craig Kelly, Ranquet ripped his way into seminal movies and magazines as freestyle riding exploded in the late 1980s. Into the ’90s, Ranquet was influential, pushing the progression of freestyle and freeriding around the world while helping cement the mystique of the Mt. Baker scene. He rode pro model boards for G&S and Lamar and spun tricks in movies like Roadkill and Creatures Of Habit. He is currently the subject of the VBS.TV series Powder & Rails, where riders like Haakonsen and Jamie Lynn declare Mike’s influence. The enigmatic Ranquet has continued riding all through the years yet maintains his infamy by being spotted only at places like Tahoe, Baldface, or Baker. Join us in celebrating Mike Ranquet’s profound radness with this prestigious award.

Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom


Mt. Baker Banked Slalom, also known as the Legendary Banked Slalom (LBS), is a snowboarding contest held annually since 1985 at Mt. Baker Ski Area, in Washington State,United States. The LBS is regarded as the predecessor to the boardercross event, and has been won by some of the biggest names in the history of snowboarding. The winner receives a Duct Tape trophy and an embroidered Carhartt jacket. Terje Håkonsen is the most-winning male snowboarder with 6 trophies, equaling the most-winning female snowboarder, Karleen Jeffery.

Snowboarding in history


More than 80% of the kids who practise winter sports choose snowboarding – no wonder snowboards still are the number one Christmas present. And for sure, one day the kids will ask the older generation: „Excuse me granny, but why did you cut your snowboard in two pieces when you were young?“



Shawn Farmer


“I was such a heavy partier and drinker,” he says now. “I hindered myself, you know. I probably would have went further. I’m still dealing with issues relating to alcohol, though I haven’t had a drink for about four months now. But god, it was funner than hell.”

Longboard Classic in Stuben am Arlberg


Austria – Again over 50 snowboard legends from the U.S., Japan and Europe have applied for the 11th Longboard Classic in Stuben – the biggest old school snowboard event in Europe.


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